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Carlos Avalon's musical education never stops. He's conducted bands, sang at sea and toiled in casino lounges to perfect his craft. He's "Mr. Personality" on stage, but when the lights go down and the music stops, he'll always be the shy young boy singing in his family band.

Watch Carlos' videos and listen to some of the "singles"
The Entertainer

Musical roots run deep in Carlos Avalon. His father, Eduino Bulcao Avila, and grandfather conducted bands in the gorgeous Azores islands of Portugal. Carlos took up the piano at 6 years old but he wouldn't settle for just playing - two years later, his father began bringing him on stage to conduct his band "Artista Faialense"


The Avila family immigrated to the U.S. in 1966. Two years later, they formed the band "Azores 68" - and eventually picked bashful Carlos as their singer. The band reunited in 2008 for a 40th Anniversary celebration and again in 2018 for the 50th Anniversary reunion. The guys remain close friends and we are wondering, will there be an "Azores 68" 60th Anniversary reunion?


Carlos sings in English, Spanish and Portuguese, and his listeners have compared his vocal style to Paul Anka, Wayne Newton Engelbert Humperdinck, Jose Jose, his dramatic way of performing a song to Anthony Newley and his theatrical piano style to legends like Liberace and Raul Di Blasio.

Carlos is of course a Singer, a Pianist, a Songwriter and a Producer and although good at all these, he prefers to be referred to as "An Entertainer" or "A Showman".

After 40 plus years in the business, Carlos has yet to achieve a lifelong dream: To take his show and do a Concert at the theater where he, as a child, saw his first movie and his first theatrical Play, "TEATRO FAIALENSE" in his birth city of Horta on the island of Faial, Azores, Portugal. The dream almost came through in 2020 but the pandemic put a halt to all career plans but the work and the dream continues.


The Recording Artist


Carlos released his first single "EU SOU AQUELE," in 1973 with Azores 68. His debut solo album, "Carlos Avalon - ONLY ONE" came 10 years later. The song "SONHOS" (Dreamin') dominated his native Portuguese market. The album saw a 2014 CD re-release as "Carlos Avalon - A PLACE CALLED WAIMEA" re-mastered and with an additional track. 


Carlos Avalon didn't stop at just one album. He's also released "Carlos Avalon - LOVING ARMS" and "Carlos Avalon - O PIANISTA/Volume 1" his piano instrumental album and a fan favorite. After a 2014 Christmas album, in 2015, the single "HOW I LOVE YOU" was released and Carlos is currently working on a second "O PIANISTA" volume 2. The single "I THINK YOU SHOULD KNOW" was also released in 2015. In 2017 came the single "O PIANISTA" followed by the singles "UNA NOCHE EN ABRIL" (Spanish) and "UMA NOITE EM ABRIL" (Portuguese). In 2020, the single "A SONG FOR MOM" (Kenny's Theme) and in 2021 I SHOULD HAVE ASKED YOU FOR YOUR NUMBER". Actually the Single releases just keep coming including duets with RAMANA VIEIRA and ALCIDES MACHADO.


Because "The Showmaship" of Carlos Avalon made his act constantly sought-after for the Casino Lounges, Cabaret venues and Cruise Ship venues, for most of his career of 45 plus years, he was happy in only going into the recording studio, on average, once a decade. However, now, we are glad to know that even more recording projects are in the works. In 2021 Carlos also started another type of recording, a PODCAST (see PODCAST Page for info)

The Personality 


A statement from one of his fans said it perfectly.."We love his voice and his piano melodies, but it's the Showmanship. Pizzazz and Personality on stage, that make CARLOS AVALON"


Carlos will never forget his debut performance as a Cabaret/Nightclub act in 1974 at the Naniloa Surf Hotel in Hilo, Hawaii. He soon after embarked on a demanding tour of lounges in the 1970s and 1980s playing several shows a night to crowds that sometimes included angry casino patrons. That challenging atmosphere taught Carlos to read audiences - a skill he uses to this day.


After 30 years "on the road", in 2001, Carlos took up a long-term contract with the Castlewood Country Club, giving him a chance to perform in the San Francisco Bay Area where he grew up. In 2007, he headed to the sea, performing six months a year on Celebrity Cruises and Azamara Club Cruises. In 2014, he returned to the country club, but he also performed off-and-on at Spin-A-Yarn Steakhouse in Fremont, California and some clubs in Palm Springs, California, but the Covid-19 Pandemic put a stop to all performances.


When OFF-STAGE, Carlos treasures his privacy and enjoys riding motorcycles, playing tennis, bicycling, lap-swimming and spending time with a very select group of friends. The outgoing Carlos we know professionally, can be somewhat of a recluse and although he enjoys the "nightlife" (family and friends call him the "Night-Owl") he'd rather go out alone or with one or two close friends rather than with a large group. Being alone or hanging with a dear friend or family member is something he enjoys very much.

AMOR ETERNO in Concert
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